Lead vocals and bass

Neil began his career in Toronto during the early 1960s performing under the name Bobby Neilson. In the late 60s he released two solo albums and the 70s saw numerous releases from Neil, both with his own units and with bands like Mama Lion and Heavy Cruiser. In 1974 Merryweather put a new band together called Space Rangers, whose 1975 album "Kryptonite" has becoem a heavy rock milestone.

Neil has released albums with: Merryweather, Neil Merryweather John Richardson and Boers, Ivar Avenue Reunion,  Mama Lion, Heavy Cruiser, Lits Ford, Neil Merryweather And The Space Rangers, Eyes, Hundred Watt Head, The La La Land Blues Band and Merryweather Stark

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Guitars and bass

Janne started his recording career in 1979 with local band Paradize, but soon went on to record numerous albums with heavy metal band Overdrive. In the 90s and 2000 he also released a number of albums with bands like Locomotive Breath, Constancia, BALLS, Grand Design and Mountain of Power.

Janne has released albums with Overdrive, Locomotive Breath, Zello, 

Planet Alliance, Mountain Of Power, BALLS, Constancia, Grand Design, Assassins Blade, Merryweather Stark, Bandolier Kings and Chris Catena's Rock City Tribe.